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Make writing the best way to talk

馃寪 A full-featured Blog tool providing writing, hosting, and custom domain x 馃挕 A lightweight thought box

Write, and then... Publish!馃殌


Edit anywhere, publish anytime

Well-adapted for both PC and Mobile, allowing you to write with ease, no matter when or where.

Secure and fast cloud hosting

We use Vercel's edge network and Supabase's data storage instead of a random server, ensuring your website is safe, reliable, and fast.

Customize your homepage

Make your website unique without any code, not just displaying a post list.

Use your own domain

Get your website accessible from your own domain in just a few minutes, with automatic https support.

Multiple sites

Supports up to 3 sites without additional fees.

# Markdown

Full support for CommonMark + GFM syntax, focus on content, no need to worry about formatting.

Fully-featured and ready for creating a blog

Image hosting
Responsive design

Thought Box

A box to store your fleeting thoughts

Made by @EryouHao