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A static blog writing client.
record your life, mood, knowledge, notes and ideas...
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We have all the things you need most.

Use the coolest Markdown to create, focus on content, and leave the rest to Gridea
Cover Picture
Go and pick a beautiful cover picture to add color to the article. The outer chain picture is no problem.
Custom tag
Use tag to classify articles, and use your favorite methods: programming, traveling, reading notes, etc. to simplify the complex and do not have to struggle with it.
Custom menu
We provide custom menu function, and at the same time, we prepare home page, archive and label list for quick selection. Of course, you can also create external menus anywhere.
Cross equipment
Maybe you use Mac in your work, Windows in your life, or you are a geek using Linux. this is not a matter. Gridea supports all of them! At the same time, it supports changing the source folder, and it is easy to manage blogs across devices by using synchronization tools such as OneDrive and Dropbox.
Multiple platforms
In most cases, it is enough for you to use Github Pages to host blogs, but we also provide Coding Pages support.
Comments support
Gridea provides two comment systems Gitalk and DisqusJS. You can choose one of them. Make more friends with comments!
Theme support
At present, we provide 4 built-in themes, one of which will win your heart. What is more interesting is that we provide a wealth of custom configurations for each theme. With a little configuration, we meet a big difference.
Languages support
Yes, we have kindly provided you with simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese and English
RSS is also a good way to subscribe information.

Themes Support

More than these.

In addition to these, there are some things you might expect (topics include): KaTeX formula, Google Analytics, social links, TOC ..., are you excited? Download quickly!
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🌱 Of course Gridea is still very basic, but please believe that it will keep moving forward. 🏃

In the future, it will definitely become your inseparable partner.

Give full play to your talent!

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